wow wee

saalam and hi!

let us introduce ourselves first. well, our name as u can clearly see above is W Wardrobe. and we're doing this online business for two reasons. one, because we love our wardrobe and two, do u know that the malaysian online shopping market is expected to reach RM5 billion by 2014 after achieving RM1.8 billion last year? (we retyped this statement from oh yeah, RM5 billion! so, why not? we're passionate and we have the right determination to do this!

haha. bunyi dah macam presentation nak mintak projek kerajaan kan? haha.

anyway, we hope you guys will love this blog and yeah, buy some things from us (the latter is our priority) haha. seriously.

so, see u guys soon. and it's a promise!

by the way, W is the shortest form for I U (a 5 year old kid taught us that!)

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